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Spring Best Getaway Spot

It can be hard to plan getaways during these pandemic times while following health protocols and practicing social distancing. Given that spring break is approaching, what better place to spend it than Palm Springs. Not only is it the best place to experience nature, but also the perfect place for family, friends, and loved ones to spend time together.

This spring, Palm Springs offers many exciting activities such as Wildlights of Spring at Living Desert Zoo, with its dazzling lights of animal habitats, watching floras at their full bloom at Joshua Tree National Park. On top of that, tour the nine cities of Greater palm springs and enjoy incredible scenic views from 8,516 feet above while riding the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

For the nature-lovers, the only flowing water in the middle of the desert, known as Tahquitz Canyon, is the go-to place for hiking. This two-mile loop extends itself to a 50-foot-long waterfall, perfect for making memories and taking pictures. Another fascinating must-visit place is the Palm Springs vintage market, where many exquisite and unique locally-sourced collectibles are sold. Aside from that, the Palm Springs Flea Market and Food Festival are being held from March until June. The yearly event is great for treasure hunting and savoring local cuisine while experiencing the festivities.

While visiting crowded tourist places seems like an option, take a chance to unwind and spend your spring getaways at none other than Palm springs. Do not miss out on the special offer that is limited for this spring only, and get your hands on the fantastic deals today. So pack your bags and book your stay because Palm Springs is the place to go this spring. Get excited because Palm Springs is waiting for you.

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