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Autumnal Girls’ Night

Are you tired of going out but want to have some bonding time with your girls? Are you thinking of having a girl’s night in? Well, Trader Joe’s got you covered. As we officially enter the first week of fall, Trader Joe’s proudly announces our selections of slow food that you could enjoy on your girls’ night.

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Our Fearless Flyers of the month shows that it is time for our annual Pumpkin Product Parade. For a wonderful girls’ night, dive into our variety range of organic pumpkin produce, jam, dairies, and poultries that would easily make an exquisite meal. To spice up the night, we recommend cooking the ingredients into a three-course meal accompanied by movies of your choice. Our top choice would be salad tossed with our Organic Maple Vinaigrette for appetizers, Shawarma Chicken Thighs or for the main course, and last but not least The Caramel Apple for dessert (opt for the dipping kit instead to make it easy and fun).

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If you are not big on cooking, worry not. Trader Joe’s Honey Roasted Ravioli and White Bean Chicken Chili Soup, and Roasted Turkey & Sweet Potato Burrito are making a comeback that will simplify the process of your night. On top of that, have a look at our range of hearty snacks such as our infamous Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Bites and Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spiced Joe-Joe’s (best served with warm milk) to elevate your tête-à-tête session.

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To create a fall-atmospheric vibe, check out our Trader Joe’s Vanilla Pumpkin Scented Candle to provide the best fall scent for your home. We also offer other fall decorations for festive activities such as DIY dried flower arrangements and assorted pumpkin carving kits.

Trader Joe’s Instagram Posts.

So what are you waiting for? Head into your nearest local Trader Joe’s store now to create your wonderful girls’ night. For more information on stock availability and other delicious recipes visit our website at;

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